Another Dental Appointment

Well Little Bear went in today to have the other broken tooth extracted. It went well. The only down side was the night before he complained about a headache, this morning he complained about the same thing, had a cough, and then by the time we got out of the dentist he had a fever. So no, my littlest goblin did not go to school today.

He crawled in bed as soon as we got back and we had a quiet day all day. He’s already passed out, wrapped in my electric blanket. At least the fever is gone. I assume it was from the extraction and the anesthesia. They had him on laughing gas and gave him shots in the mouth this time.

The good news is that the dentist was very happy to see how secure his spacer was still. Like I told his assistant, it looked like they made a sturdier one for him the second time around.

As far as writing goes… so far it’s been mostly a day of procrastination. I’ve worked on ONE scene for revisions. At least Camp NaNo lets you set your own writing goals and some progress is better than none.

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