Thoughts Going into Camp NaNo Week 2

I had originally planned to work on Nusquamton Archives during Camp NaNo but I’m finding myself burning with a need and focus on Surge of the Soul Eater and revising the original draft. I’ve already moved one scene and bridged it with additional scenes.

Somehow by being able to put up the entire draft in the Beta Spotlight has really motivated me to get it done. Especially since I now have a couple of people reading it through. A part of me wants to stay ahead of them in the primary revisions to give them a better read. Plus it gives me a reason to move it from Beta to a Personal Spotlight so they can earn Karma from critiquing it.

It also seems to be working in my favor in preventing me from falling in the trap of constantly revising one section. Right now it’s the first part of the first chapter that’s messing with me. I feel that it isn’t doing what I need it to do, but I think I need to finish this first round of revisions before I revise that part yet again. There are concepts and mechanics that I need to solidify in my head before I can try to set them up in that part. Until then, I don’t think I will ever get it to work.

I’m really glad to be a member of Scribophile now that I’m meeting people that I click with and have the opportunity to share ideas on how to craft a story – not to mention that it turns out quite a few enjoy discussing the philosophy and concepts behind their stories. I feel this is what drives our storytelling more than anything else.

Yes, sentence structure and word choice is nice and even important but it doesn’t mean much if you aren’t willing to pour your philosophies into all that.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts Going into Camp NaNo Week 2

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