Toadie’s Gift

First release from the rounds of Scribopile. It’s an old story of mine that I felt could be spruced up. Hopefully I will have plenty more to come soon.

The Chaos Pen

Rhae, a Lyran woman, sat on the bank of a peaceful pond, twitching away a stray gnat with a cat-like ear. Holding her fishing pole, the tip of her tail tapped a muted rhythm. Slender fingers tucked stray strands of ruby hair beneath the leather headband as her dark eyes glowered at the water. Stretching her long, sun-bronzed legs over the bank, she yawned.

“Wish it would rain,” she said.

The cloudless sky didn’t answer her wish. Afternoon approached with a lazy sun, wasting the morning away without a single strike. She should have gone with the hunting party yesterday, but her bow broke during the last excursion. Toadie imported it for her last summer, and she didn’t know how to tell him it was gone. As much as she enjoyed goblin bashing, she had declined and went fishing instead.

A twig snapped. Should’ve known. Rhae waited for the rustling.

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