Musings for Today

So today was a day that Little Bear seriously did not want to wake up and get moving this morning. I had a feeling it was going to be a bad day. It wasn’t until about 1:30pm that I get the phone call from the school requesting that I go pick him up. Today he felt the need to bolt from the classroom and try to leave the school. Somehow I feel having me to pick him up rather than them dealing with it themselves only reinforces the behavior.

Keeping him just long enough for his attendance to count for the day and then sending him home isn’t accomplishing anything. It doesn’t help that the weather is finally nice and he just wants to be out playing. So I expect more days like today.

We went to our favorite diner for supper tonight since I had ordered a cake for Scholar Owl’s birthday. Yes, it was late but better than never. At first all Little Bear wanted to do was sleep until he got the chocolate milk in him and then he wanted to just complain about the food he picked to order or talk really loud. Well, at least it seemed loud to me.

Scholar Owl was happy with the cake and as always they out did themselves. They had sliced the chocolate cake in thin layers to drizzle ganache between each layer and on top. Even a small slice was almost too rich to finish.

I don’t know of any place else to get cake like this.

Little Bear passed out not long after meds tonight. Before 9pm. Dad says it means he’ll be up and about later tonight, but I don’t know. Normally when I see him like this it means he’s crashing again and going on the longer sleep cycle. I’m hoping that this time with the new med it won’t come with the irritability. We’ll see though.

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