Team Toad Update – Relic Horn

This is mostly for my friend, Razor, since I don’t know of anyone else playing FFXI that reads my blog. It’s worth noting that I plan to transfer over all my Team Toad pages from LiveJournal to here. It’s just a matter of getting around to it.

I finally got my Relic Horn! :O

Sure there are Mog Trials left to do to upgrade it, but I finally have the relic proper.


In April they had an event where upon entering the Dynamis zones you would have all the time extensions. I didn’t enter the event right from the beginning, but rather some time around the 20th I think. I had about 30 L. Jadeshells and needed a total of 100 to buy the R. Stripeshell to get the final weapon. So it was nice to just jump in as Thief and pound around in there and finish that off.

With my NPC buddy (Trusts) set up I was able to average two stacks of the T. Whiteshells (need 100 of those to buy 1 L. Jadeshell) in a 2 hour run.

So this was my Trust team for that:

  • Mnejing (the puppet tank)
  • Kupipi (White Mage that uses Cursna – handy when farming the bosses in there)
  • Ulka (Dancer)
  • Aldo UC (Thief)
  • Shantotto (Black Mage)

All of the trigger categories were covered with this setup, plus Aldo has Treasure Hunter. Far as I can see, you could be any job with this team and still get a steady round of triggers on the mobs.

Now it’s on to the Mog Trials and make it a level 99 weapon!

At least I’m done with Dynamis – Windurst. Even got the Records of Eminence quests done while I was in there. So unless I want to make another relic weapon… I don’t have to go into that particular zone again.

This has been roughly a 5 year process (I think? I don’t know anymore. Maybe longer. It feels like FORVER.) for me since I’ve done the entire thing solo and farmed almost all of the ancient currency on my own. I did buy a few out of bazaars but for the most part I thought the prices people wanted were too high – especially now since the game lifted the 24 hour time gate on the zones and made them soloable.


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