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No, it’s not an easy decision to make. It’s heartbreaking to come across similar parent stories as mine. This parent chose a different med path but it just goes to show how each person is different and responds to different meds even if the diagnosis is the same. This is why judging parents for medicating or not medicating their children is wrong.

We don’t fucking know. It’s not our place. Back. Off.

If the child is doing well then the parent has made the right fucking choice for that child.

Controversy surrounds a parent’s decision to give psychiatric medication to their child with DMDD–or any other mental illness. Few question parents who medicate children with diabetes or other potentially life-threatening conditions. Yet they will absolutely question those of us whose children have potentially life-threatening mental illnesses. Parents don’t take this decision lightly, though, and we…

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2 thoughts on “Reasons I Give Psychiatric Medication to My Child with DMDD — HealthyPlace

  1. I’m with you, have 6 yo diagnosed with DMDD and no one knows what it’s like to live with a child like this except others of us; I’m trying desperately to keep him out of prison. So far so good, 3 months on mood stabilizers and no one has gotten hurt except me. Goal is to get him through the day, while I’m at work, without maiming anyone; meds get us there. I have great respect for modern meds, if I have anything to do with it, my son will not end up behind bars for stabbing a classmate or killing his beloved cat after he’s had an “emotional seizure.”

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