Super Relieved, Charged, and Energized

I’ve been bugging out over getting the homeschool portfolio put together and mailed in on time and hoping to get the determination letter back on time, etc. – not to mention trying to reach them about the late fee for that when they sent out a newsletter notifying parents that there are two group portfolio review dates remaining at the end of this month.

You need to preregister for that 2 weeks ahead and there is no late fee and you get your letter and your portfolio back the same day. The bonus is you get to meet with other parents that are also homeschooling. So while you might not get detailed feedback on your portfolio, you may get advice you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

So I talked to Scholar Owl about how he felt about going to a group review and he said it sounded good, so we’re going. I’m going to get the preregistration form with the fee out today.

The one I want I think is a 2 hour drive and is the same location as the workshop we went to when we first got started with homeschooling, so it will be a very early start in the morning for us – but it depends on whether or not on how fast it fills up. They emailed me right back saying I need to register right away because there are not many openings left except for the group on the 16th. That would place a shit ton of stress on me to get the portfolio together from scratch in under 2 weeks. Technically I would think it would be too late to preregister for that one, so it must be really empty? Hopefully I can get the date I want because I have no fucking idea where Presque Isle is (the group on the 16th).

And of course this is when Windows 10 decides that my printer isn’t a Plug and Play device and needs to be actually installed into the system… and my printer ink fucking runs out… lucky for me, I had a back up cartridge on hand. Seriously! For once I was prepared for something in advance. How the fuck did that happen?! I don’t know, but I’m gonna run with it.

I’m going to fill this form out, write the damn check, get it in the overnight mail, and pray that the Murphy’s Law Goblins don’t fucking touch it. Then I’m going to blow up my bedroom/living room/home office combo thing into a glorious mess as I get the portfolio put together.

It’s go time, I guess? I don’t fucking know. Let’s just get shit done!

Now bear in mind, I do doubt myself all the time, but I think this song is cool just the same and good for motivating the self getting on task. Because it’s true. If you want to get anywhere in life, you do need to get off your ass and grab life by the horns and make shit happen. Doesn’t matter what. If opportunity isn’t knocking then maybe it’s because you haven’t built the door. I’m guilty of that, I know. I’m hoping to change that.

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