TGIF Chaos Rally #14

The theme for this weekend is victory, triumph, and celebration. So mostly just fun metal songs, including two drinking ones because even though I can’t really drink anymore I can still appreciate the need for a celebratory beverage.

I got the back to school shopping done for my two public school kiddos. Clothes and supplies.

The homeschool portfolio is just about finished. I need to order few books for Scholar Owl. Since I bought a crap ton of books and materials last year that we never used (like the world history boxed set and the art history craft book) there isn’t much we need this year.

Also got a phone call today from the hubby’s lawyer who wanted to confirm if it was okay that he “appeared” in court via teleconference since he is currently stationed overseas. Which I confirmed. I don’t see the need to drag this shit out any longer than it has. The lawyer also confirmed with me that everything is in fact mutual and only expressed concern about the wording of visitation. Which is fair if you ask me since I understand the lawyer’s concern about “veto power” and my sister’s concern about “taking advantage” with wording like whenever “mutually feasible” like what I have with Tuxedo Cat’s father even though neither of us played those games with it. We’ve just made it work. What I don’t like and what concerns me is the way the lawyer talked about wording it for while he’s in the military and coming back to court and changing it when he gets out. I don’t like going to court multiple times every time he changes jobs. I prefer the idea of something universal and flexible that works regardless of where we all live and work. So we’ll see.

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