My First MMD Video

I finally got my first video finished! Still a lot to learn in the way of refining motions, but for a first time run I’m fairly happy all things considered.

The most frustrating thing I found was getting the rendering to work and it ended up being a matter of switching over to the 32-bit version of the program to make that happen without glitches or crashes with the codecs I have. Took me all day today to figure that out. Oh well. Hopefully the video isn’t too cringe worthy.

The song I chose was In This Moment’s “Beast Within” seeming how I have always felt it was a good song to open up a concert or party with, so why not it be my first music video in this adventure?

Still working on creating my selfie/avatar for this, so hopefully I can figure that out and get my very own MMD version of Toadie up and running.

3 thoughts on “My First MMD Video

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