My MMD Toadie Avatar is Born!

Finally did it. Sifting through page after page over at LearnMD and DeviantArt, reading one tutorial after the next, I’ve been able to figure out how to customize my very own 3D model for the MMD program.

Turns out there is quite the community for this over at DeviantArt full of many talented people. Not just artists, but computer minded types, who are willing to share their knowledge.


Someone scripted a plugin that transfers weights from one skin to another on the rigging, which basically saved my life here even though the plugin is in Japanese. Several people put up tutorials on how to use the plugin. What this means is you can take a mannequin model, put clothes on it, and use the plugin to transfer the weights to the clothes so the clothes will move with the body. (Queue the sound of the heavenly choir here, please!) This just saved me hours of frustration in trying to figure out how to do this manually – which is different for each and every model mind you. Bleh!

People are even willing to share models, textures, clothing, stages, etc. for others to use for their projects provided you honor and respect their wishes regarding their content. Usually this means not redistributing and not monetizing your projects. Since I was planning on making fan videos of other people’s music, I can’t really monetize that anyway. The best I could do is set up a tip jar – you know, “If you like what I do, buy me a coffee,” type of thing. Seeming how I’m just starting out, I don’t see the point.

However, at some point I would like to start selling my written work or even audio versions of my written work. Just need to get over my hang ups and fears regarding that and just start DOING IT. For whatever reason I still feel like my stuff isn’t good enough for that.

Anyhow, one more screenshot of my model. This is me totally knowing how to dance – not wandering around lost like a zombie looking for coffee. There are still some hiccups to work out with the rigging that I need to figure out. The rotation joints in the elbows for some reason are no longer attached to the body so the arms behave like rubber there. I know there is a way to fix that, but for now as long as I don’t use those joints the model is fine.


The best part in all this is when Scholar Owl walked by, glanced at my computer screen, and suddenly said, “Hey, that’s Toadie! But why is he a girl?” Usually in the online games I play, Toadie is a male character but it’s awesome that this avatar was recognizable to him. So of course we went off on a tangent about how my avatar, Toadie, must be a genderless multi-dimensional being that pops up where ever “he” finds interesting.

I don’t know. I think this was just Scholar Owl’s humorous way of explaining why I always name all my online characters Toadie and why I use this name as my handle everywhere I go. And frankly, I’m cool with that. The internet is a multi-dimensional space in its own way.

Maybe someday I’ll learn how to do all of this from scratch, but for now I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.

And last, but not least, the credits for all the resources used to create my avatar:

  • Base:
  • Glasses:
  • Hair:
    • Njxa Half Pony Tail by Saler1
    • Naturae texure by lobbie89 (I know the profile has a different name, but the saved file states it’s by this name – I’m assuming it’s the same person and they changed their name at some point.)
      • the pale blonde color texture edited to white by ToadieOdie
  • Pants:
  • Shirt
    • Spiderman Hoodie by CMSensei
      • edited to be all black by ToadieOdie – seriously sad no one makes Hulk or Team S.M.A.S.H. hoodies (not even in real life)
  • Shoes
    • Sneakers by Lynn02Kagamine (recent name change to “h0ldm4litfupny” and currently DeviantArt has marked the profile with a notification)

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