Escaping a Tangled Weave

So I go to court again today. If everything is in order and in agreement, we won’t need to go through mediation and push the paperwork forward to finalize everything today.

Part of me is relieved. I would be lying if I didn’t say that a part of me is also very sad about all of this. But, I think SpanishRed says it best in her recent post why I feel this has to happen. Tired of living in the proverbial rabbit hole. Too bad I’ll still have to deal with him due to shared custody so I’m not entirely sure I can completely escape the bullshit. We’ll see.

Honestly I haven’t posted much about it because I haven’t really allowed myself to process this portion of my life emotionally. Mostly just want to get it done and over with and then if I need to fall apart after, I can.

I’ve been wanting to feature new music (or at least new to me) every Monday. You know, to help make the day suck less. So today, I’m sharing this song by Device. The lead singer is David Draiman from Disturbed. Just found them this weekend and from the looks of things they are just launching.

I’m digging their sound quite a bit, but I always did like Disturbed. The song I’m sharing in here is “War of Lies” since I think it’s fitting for today. Tell me what you think of the new band in comments and whether or not you would like to see a musical exploration series from me.

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    • Thanks! I do too. I’m tired of fighting and he’s agreed to give me sole residence of Little Bear. I don’t care about the rest given how we have nothing in the way of assets and the only debt we have are the college loans which will be staying in our own names. He keeps his and I keep mine. Dad wants me to fight him on the visitation, but when the lawyer sent it to me for review, it was worded in such a way that things pretty much stay the way they are. The only way he can get overnights is if he chooses to live within 70 miles of us and as long as he stays in the Army that won’t be happening since there are no bases in Maine. So why fight over the wording of “either shared or alternate school vacations”? And if he does get Little Bear for a summer, the document grants me full access to my son during that time. So again, why quibble over that? If medication was really the concern there like my dad claims, the lawyer just gave me a provision to make sure my son gets his meds like he should regardless of who he’s with. Really right at the moment, most of the bullshit I’m dealing with right now is my dad trying to meddle. Hubby is in Korea right now – so totally not in my hair for the time being.

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