Still in the Rabbit Hole

Nothing moved forward yesterday because my husband hasn’t gone over ANYTHING with the lawyer and hasn’t approved any of it. So we have yet another pretrial court date coming up in November.

He didn’t even call to make a teleconference appearance yesterday. I know he knew about it because he spoke to me about all of this last Friday.

So the bullshit still continues. I’d like to say, “Whatever. It’s his lawyer and his money.” But I need to be able to file for an income based deferment on my college loans so I’m not shelling out $700 a month that I can’t fucking afford. It’s on an income based payment plan right now so as long as we’re married his income is counting against me.

It’s bad enough that in this same phone call Friday he wanted ME to fix the mix up he caused with his Amazon orders he made for the birthday gifts he got Little Bear and Tuxedo Cat. I can’t. He did it with his account and they won’t talk to me. So then he wanted ME to go to the old apartment and check through the mailbox to see if it ended up there… a Federal offense by the way to mess with mailboxes that don’t belong to you. And I haven’t lived there in almost a year so I don’t even legally have any business being over there.

Little Bear’s gift came in the mail yesterday afternoon. I assume that Tuxedo Cat’s will be here sometime this week.

Then he fucking called me up last night wanting to know how the court meeting went. It was all I could do to not completely rip him apart. Told him what happened and why – and told him to get shit done. Then I handed the phone over to the boys. Oh, I also told him one gift came in the mail.

This is never going to end. Ever.

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