TGIF Chaos Rally #18

My mom went to the hospital this afternoon. Trying not to worry. Her blood pressure and heart rate dropped and now they are keeping her over night for observation.

Come to find out, she’s on THREE different blood pressure meds – two of which are known to lower the heart rate. I really don’t know a fuck ton about meds so I don’t understand why they are treating her high blood pressure with three meds of the same class. Maybe my sister could help explain that to me.

At least Dad tells me that the doctor on duty feels that at least one of those meds needs to be dialed down. I don’t think she is in serious/critical condition at the moment. It’s just worrisome as all hell. It’s my mom we’re talking about here.

So this weekend’s playlist is focusing on hope to help ease anxiety. Maybe it will help someone else out besides just me.

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