TGIF Chaos Rally #20

My birthday is this weekend. I have mixed feelings about it. Somehow the negative memories I have associated with it out weigh whatever good ones I may have had to the point that I remember nothing else.

I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t get forgotten so often. My parents tend to be the worst offenders. And when it is remembered, something bad tends to happen.

We’ll see if it’s the same this year but I already have my doubts.┬áNo one has even asked to take the boys shopping. Not even sure if they remember this year.

I’m not asking for a party. I just want to be thought of and remembered.

I shouldn’t be so damn petty. I should be grateful that I’ve survived as long as I have.

This weekend I’ve selected chill, thoughtful music since I’ve been working on my first Tarot theme video inspired by the Ace of Swords. Come to think of it, I still need to write up a writing prompt post for it over on my Chaos Pen blog.

I don’t think the music is sad, just thought provoking and relaxing. I hope you all like it and have a great weekend!

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