TGIF Chaos Rally #21

I read in a magazine that the singer-songwriter Sia has Bipolar while waiting for my therapy appointment this week. What I found interesting is that the article said she decided to avoid the limelight as much as possible for the sake of her mental health even though the wiki article on her makes no mention of this beyond placing the article under the “People With Bipolar” category.

So I decided to check her out on YouTube and found some nice videos to share with you all. What I like about these songs is that they express hope even when facing hard challenges.

I don’t feel so weird now for not wanting to share photos videos of myself online. Having a mental illness brings stigma for one and being a parent with a mental illness only brings more. If I let the world know who I am offline, then it will only bring more. Not to mention that it would expose my children as well. It’s several degrees of bullshit I don’t what to deal with right now.

As a follow up about my birthday, it was remembered. I teased Mom about it by asking her who reminded her and she said the only time she forgets is when she loses track of the day. Her computer now has a large calendar on its login screen. That’s why she remembered this year. Looking at my digital clock and seeing how it displays the date, which is the reason I bought the damn thing, I find myself wondering why I hadn’t considered this being the reason my birthday gets forgotten.

Dad wanted to get lobster for my birthday dinner but at $6 a pound when not everyone will eat it, I requested steak instead. Unfortunately, Mom set them on fire on the grill so we had blackened steak. And that was the only bad thing that happened this time around. I’ll take it gladly. I still say my birthday is jinxed, but it could have been worse.

So I hope this weekend turns out to be good for you all and I would love to hear from you your thoughts on Sia’s music.

2 thoughts on “TGIF Chaos Rally #21

    • Thank you! It’s what I would like to believe. I have always wanted to be appreciated for my mind and what I have to say rather than what I look like. I grew up small – I’m still short – and got picked on quite a bit for it. It was frustrating back then because it doesn’t matter what physical vessel I might have, I am still me but my size seldom gave me the chance. I think this is why the internet has the attraction that it has for me. Online I am judged for my words (what I say and how I say it) and my appearance is irrelevant.

      There’s also a certain degree of freedom when you are completely anonymous as well. I feel safer to say more of the things I need or want to say knowing that the entire world doesn’t know precisely who I am offline.

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