TGIF Chaos Rally #22

I know… I haven’t written ANYTHING in ages (okay, it’s only been a week since the last post). It’s been an odd week for my brain. Several times I’ve found myself having spent hours at my computer, but haven’t actually done anything. My browser history shows that I hadn’t looked at anything during that time and I got next to no progress done on the current music video I’ve been working on.

I did get all the laundry washed and dried. Folded? Fuck no. And the kitchen isn’t buried in dishes. I even made Little Bear clean his “mess monster nest” up. Seriously, when left to his own devices his desk area looks like the inside of a trash can. I also got Scholar Owl’s syllabus planned out in more detail. But somehow I spaced it and forgot about Tuxedo Cat’s piano practice.

I made three versions of Octavia, the succubus I used to write about and have been toying with the idea of writing a novel about her, for MMD. Yes, of course I used the R-18+ base model from the last project and heavily modified it. It went from having just a basic rig to a far more complex one thanks to the Semi-Standard Bones plugin and I included the auto breathing motion rig to her. The problem with increased complexity is when something breaks, it’s harder to figure out what’s wrong so you can fix it. Currently have something weird going on with her legs. The editor shows they are connected properly but when I load her into MMM, the left hip bone is disconnected from the rest of the rigging so her leg doesn’t function properly. I can move it from the knee down and that’s it. So until I get that fixed, I can’t offer her for download. At least the original version of her has a simpler set up for the legs, so maybe I should just post them up on DeviantArt and mention the problem with the legs in the hopes someone can tell me why it’s broken so I can fix it.


The Original Octavia Model and My Newly Crafted Stage


The Bikini Model Version of Octavia


The Halloween Edition of Octavia

It’s just frustrating. I was hoping to have the music video done by now since I made the stage for it myself in Blender. It’s not perfect but that’s okay. With each stage I craft, the more I’ll learn and the better I’ll get at it.

So naturally after dinner, I clicked on Minecraft music parodies because… damned if I know why but they make me smile. And of course, I’ll be sharing my favorites with you in this week’s Chaos Rally. Because really, we don’t need to be taking everything so seriously all the time. Sometimes our brains need a break. And I think that’s what’s been going on with me and I haven’t been listening to my body like I should.

I think I’ll take a mini break from animation and play some Minecraft. I’m hoping that by switching gears I can come back to my project with a cleared head and fresh eyes. Or start a brand new project… those of you who also has a tendency of randomized obsessive projects/goals, I’m sure you’ll understand.

As it is, I’m still seriously considering investing in the yearly $600 license for the commercial version of Natural Reader, but that’s a huge chunk of change for what’s possibly a zero return. I don’t know, but I would like to make videos with my own original content and not just music fan videos. Like do a weekly vlog for the Weekend Coffee Share that I keep seeing floating around here or make audio versions of my written work. NaNoWriMo is coming next month and it would be a great time to compose original content.

No, I haven’t been doing the mood tracker… but I don’t need one to tell me I’m hypomanic. I think it’s obvious at this point. So yeah, self care – especially getting sleep, which I think is my problem – is seriously in need right now.

In any case, I hope you all have a great weekend and would love to hear from you. How have you been doing and what are your go-to strategies for self care?

Lingerie Octavia on the Arcane Stage Image Credits

Stage: ToadieOdie

– HgSAO by HariganeP (Wire-P)
– AdultShader_MMM from the Mogg Project website (not sure, but I think Elle and data P need credit for this)
– Diffusion7 by: sovoro
– AutoLuminous4 by: sovoro
– Mechanic_MMM_v2_0 by: Beamman

Bikini Octavia Image Credits

– Sunset Beach by: Purple Heart for Polygon Love 2
– ripped and converted by: SierraMikainLatkje

– HgSAO by HariganeP (Wire P)
– AdultShader_MMM from the Mogg Project website (not sure, but I think Elle and data P need credit for this)
– Diffusion7 by: sovoro

Halloween Octavia Image Credits

Background Image: Copyright free image downloaded from Pixaby

– AdultShader_MMM from the Mogg Project website (not sure, but I think Elle and data P need credit for this)
– KiraKiraSparkle by ChestNutScoop

All three models have been assembled by me and once I have them ready for download, I’ll provide full credits for all the parts used in the ReadMe.txt file.

If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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