Octavia Gratia is Available for Download

I finally figured out what was wrong with the legs: the leg bone in question had the axis limit option turned on. Such a simple issue that I’ve been puzzling over for about 2 days.

So now the three models are available for download. Due to the nature of the base and it being left intact for all three models, I decided to password lock the download link here and give the password in a maturity locked image over on DeviantArt. To see it, you’ll need to be logged in and 18+ years of age.

I realize that there is a possibility of a minor getting their hands on these models, but at least I can say I have taken precautions. Not much else I can do other than not share the model.

She’s a succubus, one I have written about in the past, so I’m not placing any restrictions on the type of content created with her. I only ask any mature content created with her, as well as these models, are kept away from minors.

Maybe now I can finish the music video I’m trying to make with her.

Password Image


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