Progress with My MMD Halloween Stage

I decided to try my hand at another stage for MMD. This time one that is Halloween themed. You know… because the coming holiday and all. Building it in Blender has been easier this time around. Practice really does make perfect.

This is what I’ve got so far as seen in the PMX Editor:


I feel like there is something missing from the stage, so I’m not calling it complete just yet. What I would like to do, if I can, is create globe lights that flicker using the VMD Spectrum data. If it works then the lights would change color based on the music from that data.

I’m not sure if I can successfully make a pumpkin shape with the current skills I have, but color changing pumpkins would be cool.

I also decided to save all the parts separately so I can use them later to construct a new stage without needing to rebuild the parts.

I’m also thinking that it could benefit from a backdrop of some kind, to kind of ground the stage rather than having it feel like it’s just floating in space. Just not sure how to pull that off yet.

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