Progress in Making Clothes in Blender

I’ve made a skirt and leggings to the MissMMD base model. In the process, I’ve learned a few things.


A small portion of the tights were deleted here to prevent cutting through the skirt.

The leggings were easy: I combined the underpants with the legs to make them into one object and then remapped them to a new texture. Afterwards I applied the toon and spa file effects. I’m really pleased with the final result.


The skirt wasn’t as easy to shape. It took a few start overs to get a shape that actually looks like a real skirt and move correctly with physics applied to it. It was with the skirt that I discovered that with creative applications of toon and spa files, I can dramatically change the appearance of the skirt without changing the texture file.


I UV mapped the skirt’s mesh rings to match the mandala in this image.

The texture file is actually blue in color, but here I have the skirt in a autumn gradient thanks to the toon and spa files. This essentially gives me so many options with just this texture alone. It increases with the variety without increasing the work. I’ll keep this in mind in the future when making clothes.



I don’t need to lift the foot much before the leg starts cutting through the skirt.


My only complaint with skirts on models is that they do not realistically follow the movement of legs. There is always a point where the legs will cut through the physics and drop the skirt. When this happens depends on the circumference of the skirt. I’ve tried to apply “magic bones” to the skirt so I could adjust the skirt’s position after posing, but I’ve yet to make this work. For whatever reason, the rigging of the skirt will not move.


It makes sitting poses impossible. I know there has to be a way to fix this, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I worry that my standards for this program with the skirts are set too high. I haven’t seen many models in skirts in sitting poses. The ones I do see are wearing mini skirts that are very short – like shorter than you’ll ever catch me wearing.

I like the tights enough so I don’t want to cover them up completely from view with a pair of pants, but shorts isn’t exactly for the autumn season. Maybe a pair of capris that end mid way of the calves? I don’t know. Honestly I’m surprised that I even bothered to make the skirt given the issue I have with them.

I have some ideas on how to shape a pair of shoes for her, but I’m still finding the idea of making hair from scratch daunting.

I still haven’t heard back from MissMMD regarding my interest in purchasing a commercial license for this base model. I think it’s bad form to not have the purchasing process automated if you aren’t going to be available on call – or maybe I’m just impatient as hell. It’s something I will need to learn how to do if I ever decide to sell anything I make. I don’t want anyone sitting around waiting on me just to make a purchase.

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