First Base Model Crafting Attempt

I’m beginning to understand why it takes the professional models a couple of months to create the kind of human models they design.

I’ve been trying to follow these two tutorials: the one on LearnMMD and the Joan of Arc Maya tutorial. So I started with the feet like both say to – with the damn cube, which honestly makes no sense to me. How are you supposed to make round shapes when starting with a square one? Especially when Blender will give you spheres and cylinders to start with if you want them. But anyway….

I was able to shape the foot and progress into the leg, but trying to progress into the torso resulting in frustrating weirdness.


No idea what’s up with the knee area. Other than that, I don’t think the legs look bad but….


My first attempt at connecting the legs and building a torso from there created a horrible ditch up the middle in the front and back. Plus it looks like the hips have gills for some reason. It’s a fine example as to why you should keep multiple save files of your project. So I went back to the file with just the legs and tried again.



I tried to shape a cylinder to the legs, but I ended up with weird angles at various points that no matter what I did with them, it got worse. So I scrapped it and tried again.


I remade with torso with a cylinder, but used a different method to shape it. I like the general shape I got out of it but…


Now the legs don’t look right! Seriously, what the hell am I doing?


So I make new legs with the old ones in a separate layer. At this point I’m starting to feel like I’m building a robot instead of a human. And I don’t know why, but making feet by extruding from the legs was ridiculously hard and the results were so ugly I didn’t even save them or make screenshots.

At this point I’m starting to get frustrated and the boys kept commenting that the torso looks like a pear. I originally wanted an androgynous base model, but I’m starting to think that maybe it needs breasts to make it look more human. The first thing Scholar Owl says in response to that is, “Mom, pears don’t have boobs.” Dude, I’m not trying to build a pear, I’m trying to build a person. So then he tells me to build Toadie….


That’s what I’m trying to do here. And yes, I WHINED TO MY SON about how awful the new feet were coming out. So he tells me, “Just Frankenstein the old feet onto it.”


So I do and make some arms. Yes, I can see how much the feet do not match the rest of the body. It’s a good thing I don’t plan on trying to sell my model. No one would buy this. I’d be surprised if anyone would want to use it even for free. I even thinned down the damn “pear” in the hopes of giving it a more human shape.

This is one of those thing where practice makes perfect. I could sit here and spend forever on trying to make each part perfect, but there comes a point where learning stops and you’re just “polishing”. The real learning process in the initial creation.

It’s the same way with writing. You can only learn so much from drafting and revising one story. To truly learn, you need to write many stories and just keep at it.

A part of me says I should take a break before moving on the hands. I don’t even want to think about adding toes to the feet right now. I just don’t know what I want to do instead.

I do have that unfinished music video with Octavia sitting around…

At least the boys are in bed now and are no longer doing their typical sibling tormenting of each other. That bickering gets old fast. Maybe I can actually play a game in peace tonight?

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