Progress on Making My First Base Model

I spent all day working on my first base model in Blender. The model isn’t the greatest looking thing in the world, but not bad for a first time attempt, I think.

When I left off last time, I still had the hands, head, face, and hair to do.



Where I Left off with the Model Last Time


With the hands, I continued to follow the tutorial on LearnMMD. There came a point where I had to let it go and work on the next phase. The thumbs still piss me off, but it was getting worse the more I tinkered with it once I got the basic shape in there. One of those things where it’s never truly finished, only abandoned. I’m beginning to think that every model I make will be like this.



Thumb has a Wrinkle which got Worse the More I Tried to Fix It


So I moved on in the tutorial with the head and face. Reading the journey the author went through to make their head, I decided to just find myself a video tutorial. The author complained how this one guy walks you through the basics of Blender as he goes through his tutorial.

You know… every one has to start from somewhere and nothing pisses me off more than tutorials assuming you already know how to do something. Yes, I have read my share of boring and tedious stuff I already know just to get to where I’m at to learn how to do whatever it is I’m reading about. BUT this is the thing, if your reader/viewer already knows how to do it then why the fuck would they be wasting their time with a tutorial?

I checked the guy’s channel out and settled with this video since it was at the stage I’m at and he marked it for beginners. Honestly, I’m wishing I had found his tutorials in the beginning. He talked about some add-ons that I didn’t have clicked on that turned out to be insanely useful. He also demonstrated the sculpting mode, which I didn’t even know existed which also turned out to be insanely helpful with addressing the pear shaped body my boys have been making fun of me for.



Making Hair without a Reference Image was Interesting


I’m still not sure how I feel about the eyes since MMD models use a different style. Most MMD models I’ve seen have the empty eye sockets with an eye texture set just inside it. Doing it that way creates a “follow me” illusion, making it seem like the model always has their eyes on the camera. This has orbs set into the eye socket and I have no doubt that when it comes to animate it, I’ll have to actually use the eye bones to get the model to look at the camera when I need it to. But I haven’t seen any other tutorial covering the eyes yet. For my first attempt, this will have to do.

What’s with the hair? Fucked if I know. It worked better in my head to be honest, but I wanted something reminiscent of the Mandragora monsters in FFIX. Why? Because they are adorable and can kick your ass. Maybe I should have made a flower or leaves there instead to create that look? I don’t feel ready to attempt a mushroom hat like the Toadie doll my sister made for me. That would be cute too.


The sculpting mode allowed me to reshape the pear shaped torso into something that looked more human without creating this mess from before:



Still have no Idea how You’d Fix this without Starting Over


I still have clothes to make, still need to rig it, still need to UV mapping everything with whatever textures I’m going to use, and finally run it through a motion test. I think now is a good time to take a break since it’s after midnight here now and technically no longer Saturday.

I’m happy my base no longer looks like a robotic pear with limbs. It’s not hideous either, and that’s always a bonus.

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