Wednesday Night Ramblings

Thought it would be a good idea to set up a structured template for myself to use to go over and assess my day with. First half of the day was quiet with way too much puttering about, rest of the day was lots of running around and herding children. I think it’s easier to herd cats with a spray bottle.

Highest Points of the Day

  • I bought beef roast for dinner and cooked them like steaks – seriously it’s the cheapest way to get steak: buy the beef roasts and then slice it to the thickness you want. done! pisses me off that everywhere you go the steaks are cut paper thin and charge you an arm and leg for them
  • bought me 4 pairs of work grade wool socks – I can’t explain what makes these cool, but I find it beyond comforting to wear them (even in the summer, but I only see them sold during the winter season)

Lowest Points of the Day

  • Found out the results of my nephew’s neuropsych eval: he has Autism
    • I’m thankful that my family has a pretty good understanding on what it is and how to be supportive
    • It was hard watching my mother cry about it

Things I Got Done Today

  • Rendered image for the Five of Swords card for my Tarot Prompt series and got it the post for it scheduled over at the Chaos Pen blog
  • I got the paperwork for the unclaimed child support notarized and mailed
  • bought the winter gear Tuxedo Cat and Little Bear need
  • bought other clothes for these two boys while I was at it too

What I Would Have Done Differently If I Could

  • I wish I had gotten the paperwork done in the morning rather than later in the day and maybe avoided some of the driving I ended up doing trying to find a post office NOT closed at 2pm
  • take Tuxedo Cat and Little Bear to the store separately NOT together at the same time when they need to be trying things on – I really should know better by now
  • squeezed some writing time in there somewhere – not one word written yet today
  • squeezed in a nap, I’m seriously dead tired now and I don’t know if I’ll write anything tonight

Tomorrow’s To-Do List

  • Tuxedo Cat’s piano practice
  • don’t know what else I should be doing tomorrow, other than to keep working on the to-do list I wrote yesterday
  • work on video – if I hit a decent word count for the day first
  • shit, keep forgetting to buy the pencil sharpener Scholar Owl asked me for earlier this week – not sure what his issue is with my electric one, but he wants a hand held one

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