Nightly Ramblings ~ Thursday Edition

I’m already wondering whether or not I like this format. It feels clinical – like my mood trackers. I acknowledge that I should be assessing my day every day, but I wish it had a more organic feel to it. Maybe I just feel that way tonight because I didn’t really do anything all day so ordinarily I wouldn’t be posting at all, so there is that advantage to this format.

Highest Points of the Day

  • seeing my Dad’s face light up when Tuxedo Cat gave him a painting of an autumn tree from art class – okay Tuxedo Cat’s face lit up too when my dad framed it and hung it up

Lowest Points of the Day

  • realizing I spent most of the day doing nothing

Things I Got Done Today

  • set up a Twitter account for the blog finally – ran into a crap ton of problems with the setup process for some reason, but it’s done and now I have another avenue to connect with people
  • also purchased a business plan for the blog, but I’m undecided what the custom domain name should be

What I Would Have Done Differently If I Could

  • not sure, my body physically hurts so I’m going to assume that taking a break and getting rest was the best thing for me to do today – just a bummer that it’s going to kill my word count for NaNoWriMo

Tomorrow’s To-Do List

  • mostly just a waiting game on the stuff for this list
  • I ought to find the number for the legal office at the reserve base
  • KEEP WRITING – damn, it feels really hard to do this today


  • things are starting to point toward a depressive slide and I feel like I’m slogging through my brain just to put words down to paper
  • still stuck on Prompt #12 and found the random music playlist I put together in advance is not fitting the direction my novel decided to take – it’s distracting rather than motivating, I seem to recall last year switching over to Lindsey Stirling despite her music not fitting the genre of the book, it did the trick for me
  • I’m working on a scene where I’d like it to feel suspenseful and mysterious with potential danger, but I’m having a hard time finding music that “lights my fire” and gets the gears rolling again
  • doesn’t help that my internet connection has been wonky all day so streaming music has been almost impossible – wishing I hadn’t packed all my CDs into storage now, I don’t have much in the way of music stored on my desktop – probably ought to fix that… someday

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3 thoughts on “Nightly Ramblings ~ Thursday Edition

  1. The only thing I can say is that I’d like you to stop putting down what you would do differently. It feels a little like you are punishing yourself for not doing things “right”

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