Nightly Ramblings ~ Friday’s Report

Thank you, Leslie, for suggesting that I drop the “What I Would Have Done Differently” portion of this format. I completely agree that I shouldn’t be feeding into any maladaptive perfectionism that will only bring me down at the end of the day. Instead, I’ll try to focus on the things I’m grateful for. A boost in positivity can’t be a bad thing.

Highest Points of the Day

  • Finding music that helped me overcome the writer’s block I had yesterday with Chapter 12. I’m almost done with it now.
  • This is the song I’ve had on loop during the entire writing session (no it’s not Zi’Tah in my novel, but the game zone’s music helped a lot as I wrote about my own forest of giant trees – wished I thought to load this music up sooner):
  • a part of me is tempted to log into the game and snag screenshots of this zone for you all, but I’m resisting since I know how this game tends to suck me in for long stretches of time – how long that resistance will last is hard to say since it’s been awhile that I’ve logged in (seriously wish Scholar Owl and Tuxedo Cat would play with me once in awhile – we even talked about making Let’s Plays despite the fact it’s an old game)

Lowest Points of the Day

  • listening to this game music made me remember that Tuxedo Cat has mentioned more than once his favorite BGM in the game is Windurst’s theme song so I looked up piano sheet music for this game…. it was printed back in 2008 and is already selling at collector prices: the cheapest I found on Amazon was around $118 (the Japanese language version)
  • I’m still debating on whether to buy it for Christmas anyway since the music itself is universal – the only reason I’m hesitant is that it doesn’t list which songs are in the book of sheet music – would suck to buy the book (at any price) and it not have the one song he likes the most, but that song is for a starter zone so I expect that it would be in there
  • This is the song Tuxedo Cat likes so much:

Things I Got Done Today

    • went back to bed right after the two younger boys got on the bus (around 8am) and slept until 2pm
  • Chapter 12 is almost finished

What I’m Grateful for Today

  • that I was allowed to catch up on sleep in peace without getting any grief from anyone about it
  • I feel physically better than I did yesterday
  • after the long nap, I was able to write without slogging through it


Tomorrow’s To-Do List

  • Catch up on laundry
  • Finish posting the rest of my NaNoWriMo writing prompts (got up to #26 scheduled right now)
  • Probably ought to get my video finished for YouTube as well

4 thoughts on “Nightly Ramblings ~ Friday’s Report

  1. I will always congratulate someone for getting more sleep. It’s beyond crucial for bipolar treatment to get plenty of rest.

    Call around to some local guitar stores. They usually have piano sheet music and maybe you’ll get lucky.

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