My Blog has an Official Domain Now!

I know it’s a simple and minor thing, but it feels like a big step for me. It’s a deeper commitment to blogging as a job. I’ve settled on using the new domain category that WordPress has available now. It seems to be more appropriate than using .com for the blog. It feels really good to have this sense of being official rather than being just a hobby.

While what I blog about is mostly my life as a parent, gamer, and writer along with the things that interest me, it is my hope that it remains interesting and maybe even useful to all of you. I look forward to hearing from you all and continue to grow as both a person and a writer.

To all that have been following me, I thank you. The community that you have welcomed me into means a great deal to me. You’ve been there to encourage me and provide nuggets of wisdom along the way and I hope to return the gesture in the years to come.


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