Nightly Ramblings ~ Saturday Check In

Just a long annoying day and I still need to get my writing in.

Highest Points of the Day

I survived thus far.

Lowest Points of the Day

My dad has been in a bad mood all day and Little Bear has been in one of those moods where he just has to stir up shit every chance he gets.

Things I Got Done Today

I’ve gotten all of the Novemeber NaNo Pantster Prompts scheduled now and since I had planned 52 of these prompts, I got started on scheduling those for December. Would have gotten more done, including some writing before now, but it is what it is.

The Murphy’s Law Goblins have been hard at work today!

Things I’m Grateful For Today

That bedtime for the boys will come soon and we can all try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s To-Do List

  • get laundry done

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