Internet Blues

While I did get Chapter 13 finished and started on Chapter 14, my internet connection has been wonky all day. It makes streaming music challenging and frustrating.

As of today, I’m feeling pretty far behind on my word count. I’m hoping that I can catch up tonight.


Also discouraging, is after all the trouble I went through to get my Twitter account set up their system flagged me for automated behavior. I didn’t think setting up a blog feed over there was against the rules. Or maybe it’s the writing prompts with all the links in them? I don’t know, I’m hoping that’s all it is and that I don’t have more going on – sorry but getting your account hijacked is a serious worry of mine. It’s never happened that I know of, but still. Anyhow, to unlock my account they want to verify my phone to prove that I’m a toad human. Problem is the site won’t accept my landline and I haven’t had an active cell phone in ages. Last one I had was a prepaid one.

So I decided that I would reactivate the damn thing so I could prove that I’m a living toad human. And the internet powers that be have decided that it won’t accept my password. I even used the password reset option and the temp password given to me won’t even work. Bleeeeeaaaaaargh. I never had problems like this on my old computer with Windows 7. Coincidence? Maybe, but I’m starting to wonder.

Meanwhile Little Bear has been in high gear all day today. Laundry did not get done and I still have dishes to do. At least Tuxedo Cat was in good spirits. The closest I can explain his happy behavior without a video, is he does his own style of scatting. The teachers in school find it annoying, but seriously it’s a recognized form of music. I suppose the issue though isn’t that he does it, but where and when. I’d imagine it’s hard to teach a class when a student spontaneously bursts into song. Harder still when it’s wordless. But yeah, that’s a thing.

Since I had mentioned it, I did take the time this morning to log into FFXI to pay a visit to Zi’Tah and snag a couple of screenshots to share with those that have never played the game. The only thing my forest and this game forest have in common is the size of the trees, but it’s nice to have the visual reference.

I need to point out these screenshots are copyrighted by Square-Enix.

The only real life forest that I know of with trees this big is the redwood forest out on the west coast of the US. Someday I’d like to visit it.

I’m stuck babysitting tomorrow first thing in the morning so I don’t expect to get much done. If I can get a couple of loads laundry done, I’ll count that as a win.

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