Back Up and Running

I got Twitter back up and running. Still not sure what I did that flagged the system as a potential bot. I’m wondering if it has to do with the way I format my posts and the number of links I use. (Looking at you in particular NaNo Prompts.)

I like creating my own templates to use since it gives me a sense of structure in an otherwise messy thought process that is my brain. I’m worried that my way of doing things will flag the system again. If their system expects me to sit there all day to read/post live updates to prove I’m human, then this isn’t going to work for me.

I use a desktop. I don’t have a laptop and I’m not fond of being attached to the virtual leash we call mobile devices. I’m sure those of you who have had the misfortune of being stalked and controlled will understand my stance on this one.

“What about emergencies?” my mother asked me. Well, that would be fine if people actually used my cell phone for emergencies but I have yet to get a call from anyone that someone is dying or been seriously injured. Even back when my boys were in daycare, they called for stupid shit and whenever there was a real emergency, they sent campus security to pick me up to get me swiftly over there (it was when Tuxedo Cat had fallen and given himself a serious goose egg on the forehead and needed to be checked for a concussion – THAT qualifies, calling me about what my kids ate for lunch does NOT).

Speaking of getting phone calls about your kids… the school called this morning to inform me that Little Bear had somehow smuggled his 3DS to school and it was now in the office. So after Dad got back to take over with the babysitting, I went over to pick the damn thing up. If he wants it back he’s going to have to clean up that disaster of his first. I anticipate an attempted mutiny when he gets home.

In any case, it looks like the rest of the day is free. I currently have no errands planned for today. Hopefully I’ll get some serious writing in before Little Bear gets home.

  • Word count I need to get back on par with NaNo: 3,142
  • Word count I need to get back on track with personal goal: 9,809

I’ll take anything in between if I can manage it. Hopefully my internet connection will hold today. Really don’t like not having my music. I can’t function in silence.

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