Come Back with a Vengeance!

As the day closes, I’m just shy of 40k. I wrote a grand total of 5,843 words today and moved through several chapters, leaving me at the beginning paragraphs of Chapter 19.

It feels good to have the words flowing again. I’m back on track!


So shout out to the wonderful peeps in the Over Achievers thread for their encouragement and advice. And a HUGE thank you to my fellow writers in the First Draft Finishers over at Scribophile. Having someone to sprint with today was highly motivating and energizing.

I also learned something today in the NaNo forums: Scrivener hides the word count while in full screen mode. So much pressure was lifted just by NOT having those numbers glaring me down. I hope I can get another burst of words in tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving with the family and I must say I’m very thankful for getting to be a part of such a big community of wordsmiths!

Much love and happy holidays to you all!

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