I Did It!

I was worried that I wouldn’t hit the 50k mark before the end of the month this year, but I managed to squeeze it in with two days to spare!

I just finished Chapter 25, so I still have 27 planned chapters left to complete. This is roughly half the story I had in mind so I’ll still be in it for the long haul next month too. Having said that, I hoping the pressure of word count will ease up and that the words will flow better from this point forward. I’m hoping I don’t lose steam in the process.

With that said, I’ll still be posting the chapter prompts I’ve got planned in the hopes to drive me forward into completion.



At some point very soon, I need to kick myself in gear to finish revising “Surge of the Soul Eater” and get it out there. But one thing at a time…

Since I didn’t have the money this year for clove cigarellos and wine, I think I’ll chill for a bit on a video game and just let my brain take a much needed break. Then I’ll get back to it when the boys go to school in the morning.

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