2018 Chaos Pen Challenge #2

Feel free to reorganize, use all or some as you please. Remember this is just to spark inspiration to get you going.

Selected Image from pixabay.com


Set Up At Least 2 Characters

Random Writing Challenge Set

Randomly generated from Seventh Sanctum’s Writing Challenge Generator

  • A character takes a test, but the action goes terribly wrong.
  • A character will read a book.
  • A character reveals their feelings, and they are surprisingly over enthused about it.
  • The story must involve some boots or shoes at the end.
  • During the story, a character gets a demotion.
  • The story must involve a belt in it.

Tarot Basic Plot Themes Set

Randomly generated from the Orphalese Tarot program

  • Introduction Theme:
  • Conflict Theme:
  • Rising Action Theme:
    • Knight of Cups
  • Climax Theme:
  • Falling Action Theme:
    • The Devil
      • BONDAGE
  • Resolution Theme:

Selected Musical Play List

Compiled song list based on the Tarot themes above

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