2018 Chaos Rally #2 – Rainy Day Meandering

It’s been raining all day over where I live. I guess we’re to expect more rain and then a flash freeze over the weekend. It makes for a dreary day so naturally I tried to find some high energy dance music to listen to, but wasn’t feeling it this time around.


At some point, my playlist landed up on the timeless classic “Here Comes the Rain Again” that I grew up with. Annie Lennox still has a voice of gold. I loved it then and love it now. And of course this led me down memory lane, looking up other classics about the rain. So this weekend features my favorite rain themed songs that I’ve listened to growing up.

While listening to it, I worked on customizing this model a bit. The assets for the hair I didn’t create, but I did create the texture for them. You can find the download pack for the hair here. Using this hair means I can’t monetize anything I do with the model, so eventually I will need to go back to experimenting with creating my own. The eyeglasses and the purple shimmering sphere map are vasilnatalie’s creations. Far as I know, everything he’s released for MMD has been for the public domain but check the files before using any of them to be sure.

I’m also very pleased with how the recoloring process of the eyes turned out. I wanted to keep the original design of the texture, because I like it, but I was aiming for more of a hazel appearance. True, it ended up being more green than anything but there are some rings of variation in hue.

It’s hard to believe it took me all day just to get the hair to fit on the head in the PMX Editor. With this hairstyle, I can’t help but wonder if the face needs freckles. Needless to say, I got nothing else done today. The dishes have been piling up since Sunday and I swear the laundry hamper is actually a spawner of dirty clothes. In an hour or so, I’ll need to get dinner started.

I miss the younger days when rain meant a burst of energy. Now? Just a day for puttering about it would seem. Ah well… can’t be helped and no sense in fussing about it, is there?

I hope you all stay safe, dry, and warm this weekend! What do you like to listen to when it rains and how do you spend the time?


It can’t rain forever!

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