Just a Mini Adventure Today

Aside from me sleeping quite a bit during the day, things are still fairly “normal” over here.

Today’s mini adventure involved me picking up Tuxedo Cat from the high school since it’s mid-terms this week and they’re scheduled in such a way so each student only has two to take each day before lunch and can go home at that point if they have a ride. I wish I had been given that option when I was attending high school. Sitting in a study hall doing nothing was always hell for me and so of course I told him that while I couldn’t pick him up on Tuesday due to therapy, I could the rest of the week.

Yesterday was another snow day so this adventure probably would have happened then instead. Anyhow, I get there expecting to find him waiting for me along with the other students waiting for their rides. Nope. So I go into the office to ask for him to be called in for release. The little booger had gone straight to lunch and missed the intercom calling his name two or three times before they sent someone to find him. So I asked if it would be okay to sit with him in the cafeteria (which in reality is no different than me standing around in the office waiting since he doesn’t talk much).

Bear in mind that this is the very same high school I had graduated from. Not long from now a new building will replace this one. They broke ground for it just this year. Even though they have lunch split into three rotation periods, the room was over crowded. More so than back when I was a student. What made me happy was seeing how comfortable my son was with all the hub-bub even at a full table with barely any elbow room.

No… I didn’t sit at the table. I desperately need elbow room. I just let him know that I was there, where I would be standing, and he could take his time.

After lunch he gathered his things and showed me the art he made of him and a new friend he’s made this year. The high school is a regional school so kids from multiple middle schools come together for the first time at this point. He’s happy with his new friend and is glad to have met them.

It just goes to show how important behavioral therapy can be for someone. Of my three boys, Tuxedo Cat is the most social and seems to get along with everyone around him. Granted, it helps a lot that of the three he is also the most mood stable. To date, the only person I’ve seen ruffle his feathers is Little Bear but that’s what little brothers are for, right?

So while it’s nothing chaotic or huge, it’s still nice to report in when the boys are developing in a positive direction.

And I made plans with Tuxedo Cat to pick him up AFTER lunch tomorrow. The lunch room was just a little to chaotic for me. I’m not kidding, they had more chairs in use than all the tables could accommodate, and some students prefer to eat in their home rooms. Not one table in there had an empty space. Maybe I’m getting old, but I couldn’t tell the “in crowd” from the rest – it felt that packed.

I’m glad the towns agreed on the new (and bigger) building. This is crazy.

Yes, he could eat at home but it’s not the same as eating with the crowd. I get it. I’m not going to argue if he wants to stay for lunch there.

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