Schools Locked Down in Our District

This morning I received a robo call from the school district informing parents that three of the schools in our district had been locked down due to a threat to the community. The automated message ended with no further details.

One of the schools that cut through the brain fog was Tuxedo Cat’s high school.

I tweeted about it and then followed up with another tweet when another robo call went out announcing that the state police had taken care of the threat. Again, the robo call ended with no other information.

In both cases, I didn’t panic but I was left uneasy. Why weren’t we given details? In the wake of recent tweets I’ve seen commenting on the lack of coverage on school shootings it was more than troubling to get those calls. A part of me hoped that for us it was a prank call.

My dad and I watched the afternoon local news and not one word was said about it. Instead they covered news that I had either read late last night or early this morning on the Twitter news feeds.

When my mom got home from work she said that a co-worker told her there had been a shooter outside the high school. Tuxedo Cat’s school. She also said that Little Bear’s school had also been locked down. How did I miss that from the robo call? Moreover, why were two schools locked down when they were two towns over from the incident?

We watched the evening local news and still not one word was mentioned about this. And once again they covered the same news they had this afternoon.


I must echo the question being raised on Twitter:

Have school shootings in our country become so common they are no longer considered newsworthy?

Why must I rely on the grapevine and rumor mill to find out what is going on with this? I don’t like that given it tends to be unreliable, like a fish story.

It’s eerie and surreal to me.

At least neither of my boys seemed aware that anything had gone awry. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.


6 thoughts on “Schools Locked Down in Our District

  1. Wow this is eerie like you said. I can’t believe there was nothing on the news. Im just glad nothing terrible happened. Thank God for that.

  2. Id say one good thing about that was there wasn’t a panic at the schools, but how vigilant can a school be when it just seems like an ordinary day and suddenly something serious happens? I don’t know what kind of security or contingent plans are in place for these schools. This whole thing makes me uneasy with the way things seemingly are now. But on a positive note I’m really glad everything is ok.

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