2018 Chaos Rally #9 – Fun Music

Mud season is nearly upon us here in Maine and for whatever reason, the coming of spring seems to call for polka music. It’s lively and fun. I’ve yet to hear a serious polka.

Some of the best I’ve heard is from Weird Al, along with a few from my childhood like The Chicken Dance. Funny thing about that song. It originated from Switzerland as The Duck Dance and, according to the Wiki, it’s rumored that it was a drinking song. Considering the dance that goes with the music, I believe it. Not sure what it is with me and drinking songs, but I love them.

Apparently Tuxedo Cat doesn’t care for polka. He couldn’t get away fast enough. The other two boys, couldn’t get enough of the song. So I made a video with the models performing a modified version of the dance. I was unable to successfully get them to do the partner spins in time with the music during the polka segments of the song. Had to get creative there, and got quite a bit of input from the boys.

This weekend’s playlist opens with the video I made, followed by a few selections from Weird Al. I hope you enjoy them and may your weekend greet you with much love, light, and laughter!

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