Exploring Port Bastok in FFXI

Roughly 2-3 hours of gameplay was recorded and I’m still sifting through it all, selecting clips. At least this second episode gave me a better idea of how I should run the process. It doesn’t feel as overwhelming now.

It’s still a time consuming process. I’ve already spent more time editing than I have playing. This time I decided not to have the window of my avatar during the gameplay clips. I also used other voices from the Natural Reader’s selection for the various NPCs.

I discovered that the Welsh English one is surprisingly emotive with little tweaking and when reading the game text, there isn’t much I can do to avoid the “robot effect” in places. For whatever reason, some combinations create this effect while others create audio artifacts (clicking).

When I am writing my own text, I play around with the wording of the line to get rid of or minimize this. The best I can do for game text is mess with the punctuation and stress inflection. Why this makes a difference sometimes, I don’t know.

I had originally intended to focus on the story, but it’s already become a walkthrough of sorts – minus all the running around, which I tend to do a lot of. So this episode is me going the rounds of picking up all the starting quests and pointing out a few additional points of interest. It seems that the completionist in me insists upon it.

I hope you enjoy it. Either way, let me know what you think.

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