It’s only Friday and already it feels like the weekend isn’t going well. I’m still working on the music video I was hoping to have ready today and it doesn’t look like I’ll have the gaming video ready for tomorrow on time either.

It seems pretty clear to me I need to organize my workflow better. All part of the learning process. My sister from Canada has arrived tonight to visit for the week and this otherwise big house suddenly feels packed. Right now her kids are here along with my brother’s. It’s a zoo in here.

Last week I celebrated the warmer weather as a sign of spring finally on the way only to have Mother Nature laugh at me yesterday and slap us with a big snow storm. I’m surprised that our power didn’t go down.

My ex called some time last week about some offset the IRS garnished from his paycheck and tax return. He wanted ME to find out what it was for. Turns out it was my college loan that defaulted while we were married. Even though I had used it to pay off his college debt, he felt that the money needed to go anywhere else. His reasoning was that he wasn’t responsible for the choices I made. I have mixed feelings about it. You’d think I would feel relieved but instead I feel uneasy.

And if that wasn’t enough, I got a phone call this morning from the fraud detection agency that works for my credit union. They asked me about 3 suspicious purchases that totaled over $300. The purchase attempts were made this morning while I was getting the boys ready for school. Some online clothing store I’ve never heard of, the Microsoft store for a little over $200, and some online gaming store I had also never heard of before. Needless to say my debit card is now cancelled and they’re sending me a brand spanking new one. I’m grateful they responded so quickly and acted upon it the way they did. It could have been far worse.

Overall, I’m just emotionally tired. I feel like life is getting ahead of me again. So today, I decided I needed something mellow. I’m still rather fond of Leo’s covers and he has some really nice acoustic ones over on his channel. I hope you enjoy the music and may you have a better weekend than me.

2018 Chaos Rally #10 – Mellow Music

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