2018 Chaos Rally #11 – House Music

So here’s the music video I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. It involved quite a bit of experimenting on my part – largely in splicing clips together. I rendered the video six times just to get all the clips I needed for the background screen video.

I also tinkered around with the Toadie avatar model by putting in some VMD Spectrum bone movements. It didn’t quite work out as I hoped, since I wanted to find the band that held the beat. What the spectrum data is, as it turns out, is a measurement of intensity within that band. So… no, it won’t be able to create automatic rhythmic movement based on the tempo of the song.

I had also researched line dancing – again – and created motion data for the basic steps that are most commonly linked together. I may tweak this data later on down the road, but for this video I think it worked out okay.

The genre I chose this time around is house music. It’s electronic music with repetitive beats and rhythms, originally derived and largely influenced from disco. I suppose if I had been a 70’s kid instead of an 80’s kid, I would have been just as happy with the music but I admit I didn’t become aware of house until my early twenties. But basically, it’s club music, just as disco had been, and now it has branched off into many subgenres.

In light of all this, I put together a playlist of house music to go with the video I created. What are you listening to this weekend?

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