Super Relieved

Well, I called DHHS today to find out why the letters I received didn’t match up with what I was told over the phone during the teleconference interview.

The lady apologized and told me she doesn’t know what happened, but all three boys and myself are listed in their system for MaineCare. She has no idea why Augusta processed my ex.

She also told me the work registration is a new thing and the letter is automatically sent. I did the right thing by calling them about it since their records have us all listed with diagnoses. She said the system isn’t fully up and running yet so at some point the eligibility waiver paperwork will go out.

She told me if I wanted to be proactive about it, I could just send in a written statement from the hospital we all go to and we’ll be all set. I don’t expect there will be any trouble getting a statement from the pediatric wing explaining why I need to stay home to take care of my kids.

I’m so glad I was able to get a live person to clear all that up. It just sucked that I got the letters from them at the end of the week when their offices were closed and wasn’t able to call until today.

The only downside is this woman told me is that MaineCare is retroactive to Feb. 1st – not to November like the interviewer had told me. It will cover Scholar Owl’s surgery, but I’ll need to visit the billing office to fill out income based assistance over at the mental health hospital for my therapy. One appointment is $350. I’ve had to cancel quite few due to weather and illness, but still that’s a lot of money. So once the paperwork is complete, those bills will be scaled and won’t be the financial crisis otherwise.

I informed my dad of all this, since I was so relieved about it, and his first response was that I should be evaluated for disability. He’s saying that if nothing else I should qualify for SSI. I don’t know. I’m wary as to why my parents are pushing this so hard.

Yes, I would rather get SSI instead of SSDI simply because SSI allows you to work when you are able and makes up the difference in unmet need. SSDI cuts you out of the work force completely. How does SSDI work for those trying to freelance as a supplement?

I don’t care how severe the world decides I am; I don’t like the idea of options being stripped away from me.

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