The Benadryl is Working

Two nights in a row now and the Benadryl has worked. Roughly 9 hours of sleep both nights. Also made the mistake of cutting back on caffeine intake yesterday and today woke up with a caffeine headache.

They feel similar to a sinus headache to me, but with more involvement of my eyes. The thing that sucks with those is that the only thing that makes them go away is more caffeine, which is counterproductive when you’re trying to cut back.

I just wanted to see if the caffeine was part of my problem and honestly last night I found it slightly harder to fall asleep than the night before. How much of that is “bio variance” and how much of that is my body just being too used to a minimum level of caffeine? I don’t know.

I do know that it’s a mistake to mess with too many variables because then it’s harder to tell what is or isn’t the problem.

However, it’s been nice to wake up today and yesterday without feeling like a zombie.

What helps you to fall asleep when you need to?

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