2018 Chaos Rally #13 – Mostly Rock with Random Bits

First thing is somehow I didn’t realize that Breaking Benjamin released a new album last week on the 13th until this week. So to all of you true fans out there, this is old news I know. As a result I’ve listened to a lot of their work along with what YouTube felt was related music while I picked at my map trying to get it the way I want.


It took me a couple of attempts to add a fourth island before ultimately deciding to go back to the original single isle and splitting it into four with a river. I wanted the oldest generation island to have a fortress like feel but when I converted it over to Minecraft, it didn’t look natural at all and I wasn’t feeling it.


I ended up scrapping that and reshaped the terrain of that island to include a beach.


Still needs a lot of work – and that’s just one island – but I’m starting to like how it’s turning out.

So that’s been the majority of my week, aside from trying to get much needed sleep, and the progress I’ve made. It wasn’t until I was well underway with this project that I realized that I could have recorded how I was putting this map together as I went along.

If you’re interested in seeing something like that, let me know in the comments below.

And here’s the playlist. It opens with the latest Lucas the Spider video because… damn, how can this character not make you smile?

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