PlanetMinecraft’s First Ever Terraforming Contest

PlanetMinecraft just launched their first ever terraforming contest yesterday! I’ve participated in their building contests in the past back when the boys were actively still playing, but I admit it was mostly for my own entertainment and learning process. Each time it was the terrain they provided to build on that sparked my imagination.

So to see this contest go up is exciting as hell for me, especially since I have just recently fired up World Painter again. Here’s the details of the contest:

Lost Island Terraforming Contest

For the contest you need to make an island that Steve finds on his latest adventure. Any kind of island you want.

The current project I’ve been working on I don’t think applies since it involves four islands. But when I terraform with World Painter, it usually always involves islands or small continents. This sits well within my comfort zone.

Yes, I plan to enter the contest and I’m already thinking about a project I had tinkered around with using Terrain Control (a program that doesn’t count for the contest because of the way it works).

That project involved taking some old terrain maps I made with World Painter and attempting to replicate them with Terrain Control as procedurally drawn biomes. In the process I created a few “corrupted” biomes along the way.

I’m wondering how much of that I can replicate using World Painter. I really liked the idea of the corrupted jungle and how it turned out in Terrain Control. Should be an interesting learning adventure if nothing else.

I may need to create my own map resource objects for this map. Not sure if I can pull off making trees (what is it with me and giant trees anyway?), but for the jungle I want I will need bone spikes and I haven’t seen anything like that floating around.

I also look forward to seeing what other people create during this contest. Usually some of the most amazing stuff emerges. So stay tuned since I plan to share the process with you all!

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