Will Winter Ever End Here?

We got snow last night, just when we thought mud season was starting! The last couple of times I pulled out of my parents’ gravel driveway, I almost got stuck. So yeah, it should be mud season. The hallmark of spring here in Maine.

But nope. Got up this morning and served my youngest a bowl of coco pebbles to the sound of Tuxedo Cat grumbling about the snow.


It’s beginning to make me think of the movie I used to love watching as a kid: Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. It was her job to bring spring to Earth, but this time around it was stuck in an eternal winter and she had to find out why. Come to find out some intergalactic princess was stealing the magical diamond planet that is somehow responsible for the timing of the seasons. I don’t know. I’m an 80’s kid, what can I say?

I loved watching her shows as much as I loved Transformers, Voltron, Thundercats, and Care Bears.

Out of all of that, the only thing all of my boys latched on to were Transformers – old and new – and Little Bear has watched the new Voltron series on Netflix – which isn’t bad.

So while winter is extended here in our corner of the world, I will enjoy my reminiscence of my childhood knowing that this coming summer will be all the sweeter for my boys.

image from pixabay

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