It’s Friday with a Busy Weekend Ahead

It’s FRIDAY! And this week while I’ve been busy writing, the musicians I’ve discovered were the 2Cellos!

Where have these guys been my whole life? Seriously I don’t know because they’re fantastic and they popped up through my feed while listening to my auto playlist for Lindsey Stirling.

Not only do they have a talent for music, their videos reveal quite a sense of humor. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly encourage that you do.

There’s so much coming up this month. My niece, Piggie‘s daughter, is graduating this Sunday! Where has the time gone? Next year it will be Scholar Owl.

The state meet for Special Olympics is right around the corner – next week I believe? Both of those boys seem to be doing well with that this year. I’m so glad they get along well enough that Scholar Owl can volunteer while Tuxedo Cat is on the team.

My dad is prepping for building my storage shed finally so I won’t have to pay for a storage unit much longer I hope. That will save me $60 a month. I realize it’s not much, but a little goes a long way at times.

Tuxedo Cat is still going to piano lessons every week and plays to continue over the summer. He’s still composing music and some of it is really surprising when he lets me listen to it on the MuseScore program.

Little Bear is doing okay for the most part. Has been sleeping better and I haven’t been receiving any phone calls from the school about his behavior, but as I’ve learned in the last IEP meeting that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. They’ve just realized that I’m not going to rush this kid to in-patient care or change his meds on their say so alone. As a patient myself, I know better than that. I’m not budging on this one. Behavioral therapy is the foundation of all mental health and that takes real work. Period. There’s no way to cheat that.

And I need to be getting off my butt and making sure everything is in order for the homeschool portfolio assessment next month. I need to hurry up and send in the sign up sheets for that.

So much to do! I guess I had better get to it.

Well folks, I hope your weekend greets you with much love, light, and laughter as always! And I do hope you enjoy this sample playlist as much as I did. What have you been listening to this week that’s kept you going?


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