2018 Chaos Rally #24 – Meet Team Goblin!

Sorry I’m late getting this posted. I’ve spent the last couple of days getting the rest of this year’s Chaos Challenges set up and scheduled. While I was doing that, I came up with an idea that I found entertaining for the Chaos Rally.

When I started doing this, I had envisioned a small group of monsters banding together for a rally of some kind – no idea what. I mean… what do monsters do for fun exactly? But really, what I wanted more than anything else was to have a place to serve as a repository for motivation, inspiration, and fun for when reserves are low.

However, I’ve discovered something rather unusual about myself in doing this particular series. I have an easier time putting these posts together when I’m in need of a pick me up than when I am doing well. The words flow when I know exactly in that moment what I wish someone would say to me. It isn’t hard to find the right music because it hits the spot just the way it needs to.

But when you’re happy? It’s insanely easy to be oblivious in your own bliss. I know this. So I’ve been finding myself posting about myself and my life and picking songs for a playlist, which was never my original intention for this weekly blog feature.

I want this feature to be fun. For me and for you. And I want it to be uplifting. So… I’m changing things up a bit and digging into this original vision I had but never explored. Allow me to introduce to you…

Team Goblin

MONDAY-BUTTON-D First in the line up is none other than MONDAY BUTTON.

Not only does this guy laugh in your face to remind you when your weekend is over, but he’s also the one responsible for hitting you with the dreaded Mondays in Disguise.


Don’t be fooled by his cheerful demeanor! This is the guy that looms over you to remind you of all the things you’d rather not do. These are the things you ignore, procrastinate forever about, and try to pretend don’t exist. Yet, he’s always there… quietly lurking.

MURPHY-LAW-D The final member of this team is MURPHY LAW.

If there’s a chance that something can go wrong, this guy does his best to make sure it does. Believe it – especially towards the end of the week when you’re rushing to get things done for the weekend.

WISE-TOAD-D Warming the bench is the mysterious WISE TOAD.

No one knows why this little guy joined this team, but he’s always there to silently assess the situation and offer words of wisdom to hapless adventures who have crossed their path.

What exactly are these goof balls going to be doing? It’s likely to be an evolving process, so let me know what you think.

For now though, each one of these guys will present a Tarot Card in an attempt to influence a third of your week (just for fun mind you – this isn’t real of course!). A song will be selected to either boost or counter the effects of the card played. The WISE TOAD will present a final card offering words of wisdom and caution for the entire week, along with an accompanying song.

Corny as hell? Probably. Entertaining? I hope so!


Alright then! Let’s get this show on the road.

This Week’s Forecast

MONDAY-BUTTON Monday Button wastes no time throwing down the Nine of Pentacles. Looks like the first third of the week is going to require discipline and self-control. Trust in yourself to see yourself through. Just ignore that giggling freak and march on!
GRIM-LEE Grim Lee towers over you as the mid-week approaches with The Star in his hand. For those that paid attention to Monday Button’s behavior in the beginning of the week and adjusted accordingly, they’ll be greeted with generosity and serenity. The rest of us? Well… we still need to earn it.
MURPHY-LAW Just when you think you can make a beeline for the weekend, Murphy Law stands in your way and waves The Hierophant card in front of you. To finish off the final leg of this week, it likely means you’ll be running amok with the crowd. Weigh your options carefully here as you navigate this since they’ll have expectations placed upon you.
WISE-TOAD With a gentle smile and nod, the Wise Toad bequeaths the Queen of Cups to you. He cautions you to use your compassion to guide you this week. A great deal of turbulence in our daily lives can be avoided if we take the time to understand how others feel.

There you have it, next week’s forecast per Team Goblin! And in the spirit of the themes presented here is the corresponding playlist:

I hope you found this entertaining. Let me know in the comments below if you think they should have a rival team!

Until next week, I wish you much love, light and laughter.

The images used for the Team Goblin characters were found on pixabay.com under the CC0 license.

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