2018 Chaos Rally #26 ~ Responsible Patience

According to Team Goblin, next week looks like it will require adjusting routines, remembering to have patience, using power wisely, and not shirking our responsibilities. In light of these themes, I’ve put together a short playlist of country songs to get us in the right mind set over the weekend.

Next Week’s Forecast

MONDAY-BUTTON-D This week opens up with Monday Button rolling out the Seven of Cups. This card asks you to assess the balance between chaos and order in your life.

Too much of either stifles growth and development. If your routine is too rigid, then it is time to loosen up a little. If you have too much chaos in your day, then it is time to organize better.

Trees need room for their roots and branches to spread out and they also need the reliable cycles of the seasons to grow. The same is true for you.

GRIM-LEE-D Grim Lee greets us with The High Priestess by mid-week. This card asks you to remember your potential and reminds you that good things can come to those that wait.

Laziness isn’t the same as patience.

Persistence with such things as applications, queries, proposals, and submissions is important but once they are sent out, let them go and move on to the next task.

MURPHY-LAW-D As the week draws to a close, Murphy Law holds up the Two of Wands before you as a warning.

A power struggle of some kind is up ahead.

Look carefully to be sure you’re not supporting power for its own sake. It’s something that should be used wisely to support positive energies. If you’re not careful, you could end up sabotaging your goals.

WISE-TOAD-D The Wise Toad reminds us with the Nine of Pentacles that we need to be willing to trust ourselves enough to rely upon ourselves. We need to resist the temptation to dump responsibilities on others.

Not only does this boost our self-esteem, but it also alleviates our fears of being a burden when we attend to the matters we are truly capable of addressing.

We’re also more likely to receive help when we reserve our requests for critical points in our lives.

This Week’s Playlist

The images used for the Team Goblin characters were found on pixabay.com under the CC0 license.

This forecast is for entertainment purposes only! I make no claim to see into the future.

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