2018 Chaos Rally #31 ~ Swift Movement

Next week’s tarot forecast predicts a bit of a struggle with opposing energies. Tough choices are coming and solid communication needs to be focused on. Therefore, this weekend’s playlist features energizing music for the Chaos Rally.

Next Week’s Forecast

MONDAY-BUTTON-D Monday Button rides in the first of the week on The Chariot. This is a signal to you that you must master the reigns to achieve victory. The Chariot is swift but is pulled by opposing forces: light and dark, positive and negative, yin and yang, etc. This symbolizes the energies within us. When they are in synch, we move forward and we can do so with great speed. When these energies are not in harmony, at best we are spinning our wheels.
GRIM-LEE-D Grim Lee will block your way this week with The Lovers. A choice needs to be made. Will you make it this choice based on your heart or based on your mind? What is it that you believe to be right? Only you can decide.
MURPHY-LAW-D Murphy Law intends to use the Eight of Wands to scramble communications for you before the week ends. This card is also a sign for quick action so things may be moving fast at this point as well. You’ll need to pay attention to what you say and how you say it, not just to what you’re hearing, in order to get things done in a timely fashion.
WISE-TOAD-D Handing you the Five of Wands, the Wise Toad encourages you to exercise patience when working with others. It is easy to fall into the trap of endless bickering, but more can be accomplished when we can set that aside and cooperate. Look for ways to find common ground if possible. If not, at least agree to disagree and move on.

This Week’s Playlist

The images used for the Team Goblin characters were found on pixabay.com under the CC0 license.

This forecast is for entertainment purposes only! I make no claim to see into the future.

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