2018 Chaos Pen Challenge #34

For this challenge, we’re working with a quilt, a letter, and a drum.

Selected Image from pixabay.com

Selection influenced by the Writing Challenge Set


Set Up At Least 2 Characters

Random Writing Challenge Set

Randomly generated from Seventh Sanctum’s Writing Challenge Generator

  • The story must have a drum appear in the middle.
  • During the story, a character makes a slip of the tongue.
  • During the story, a character is forced to go shopping.
  • During the story, there is a letter delivered.
  • The story takes place in the early evening.
  • The story must have a quilt appear in the middle.

Tarot Basic Plot Themes Set

Randomly generated from the Orphalese Tarot program

  • Introduction Theme:
  • Conflict Theme:
    • The Hierophant
  • Rising Action Theme:
  • Climax Theme:
  • Falling Action Theme:
  • Resolution Theme:

Selected Musical Play List

Compiled song list based on the Tarot themes above from these master playlists

Feel free to reorganize, use all or some as you please. Remember this is just to spark inspiration to get you going!

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