2018 Chaos Rally #40 ~ Choices in Anxiety

According to Team Goblin’s tarot forecast for next week, stress and anxiety will have us believing that our options are limited. The Chaos Rally song selection for this weekend is intended to counter such thinking. Enjoy!

Next Week’s Forecast

MONDAY-BUTTON-D Monday Button will pounce on you right in the beginning of next week with the Eight of Swords. This card bears the challenge of confusion, a sense of restriction, and powerlessness. Remember you always have the power of choice as you move through the coming week. It may mean that you’ll have to take a bit of extra time to see the available options before you, but they do exist. Even doing nothing is a choice, so choose wisely.
GRIM-LEE-D As we’ve already learned from Monday Button, life is going to be doing its best to convince us that we are stripped from our power to choose. That means Grim Lee will be blocking our way with The Moon until we learn to break through this illusion. The Eight of Swords can only keep us bewildered if we remain afraid. We must conquer this fear in order to move forward.
MURPHY-LAW-D Murphy Law will plague you with the Nine of Swords before next week is over. This card is all the things that keeps us up at night with worry and further empowers the Eight of Swords and The Moon. The best defense we have against this card during the coming week is using mindfulness during the day with the choices we make. Then when it comes time for sleep we know we have done then best we could with what we have.
WISE-TOAD-D The Wise Toad hands you the Temperance card and asks you to remain mindful of your health this coming week. In light of what the rest of the team is bringing to the table, it looks to be a potentially anxious and stressful week. During times of stress and anxiety, we need to balance it out with rest and a good diet so as to not burn ourselves out. Otherwise we bring additional stresses such as illness upon ourselves.

This Week’s Playlist

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This forecast is for entertainment purposes only! I make no claim to see into the future.

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