2018 Chaos Rally #41 ~ An Honorable Heart

According to Team Goblin’s tarot forecast for next week, we need to be working on having an honorable heart in our interpersonal dealings. In light of this, this weekend’s Chaos Rally playlist features music by Instrumental Core.

Next Week’s Forecast

MONDAY-BUTTON-D In the beginning of next week, Monday Button will roll in with the King of Swords. You are going to be challenged with honesty, finding solutions, good communication, or fair judgement. Maybe you’ll be challenged with a combination of these throughout the week. After all, there are times when it’s easier to bend the truth when we shouldn’t, to make snap judgements when we ought to be taking our time, or to dismiss what’s being said when we’re busy. Make the extra effort this week.
GRIM-LEE-D Grim Lee will block your way next week with the Queen of Cups by his side until we learn why Monday Button’s challenge matters. It’s a question of whether we understand and respect how others feel and how what we do has an impact on this. Until you learn how to honor this in all your interactions with others, the King of Swords will continue to challenge you.
MURPHY-LAW-D Murphy Law will try to trap you with the authority of The Emperor. Law, order, and structure are all good things, but too much of these in our lives is restrictive and damaging. Instead of trying to control everything, sometimes we need to let go and just ride the tide.
WISE-TOAD-D As the Wise Toad gives you the Seven of Wands, he looks to The Emperor and advises you to choose your battles wisely. Know what it is you believe in before you take a stand, otherwise you are wasting your energy. When you do take a stand, keep in mind the King of Swords and the Queen of Cups. You do not need to crush people in order to win. Sometimes all you need is clear, gentle communication to sway another’s heart.

This Week’s Playlist

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